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0. About this FAQ and Denshin_8_go
0.1 What is FAQ ?
0.2 What is this "Denshin_8_go FAQ works" ?
0.3 What kind of software is Denshin_8_go ?

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0. About this FAQ and Denshin_8_go

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0.1 What is FAQ ?

It's the most Frequently Asked Questions.
Before you ask mailing-list or netnews, you should examine FAQ. Of course, you should neatly read manuals, helps and documents.

0.2 What is this "Denshin_8_go FAQ works" ?

It's a collection of topics frequently discussed and asked on the mailing list Den8club.

0.3 What kind of software is Denshin_8_go ?

* For English [en] readers: Please read `Denshin_8_go' like [Den-sheen-hutch-go] and it means Telecommunicator No. 8. Eight is a number as good growth and having mystical power in Japan. It is also called Den8 [Den-putch] for short, it sounds like first name of retro-Japanese person.

It's a MAILER FOR THE INTERNET, in other words an MUA (Mail User Agent), for `Windows®' compatible platforms,
created by Mr. `ISHIOKA, Takamitsu' and maintained by Den8club.
(MUA is a software to send, receive, reply, forward, save, administer and apply e-mail. cf. MTA)
[ with helper application(s), running on MacOS® (perhaps on FreeBSD or Linux), able to manage also NetNews articles that share certain similarities with e-mail messages ]

And it's a tool you should master deliberately by reason, experience (educated guess) and inference. You should not do through trial and error by uncertain intuition nor vague feeling in your bones that have not alway something in common with everyone. (ex. Visually disabled person can't enjoy the benefits of GUI)
You are able to contribute to develop it when you subscribe Den8club.

It seems that characteristics like followings are supported by users.

And because of being free software, it is also a grateful point by personal users, teachers using it as an ed-kit and mass-users such as university or company.

Now, Denshin_8_go officially opened to the public are 16bit version for Windows3.1 (recent version is 1.9b1) and 32bit version for Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP (recent version is
Most recent beta version ( 065.004) is available for Den8club subscribers.

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