For a visually disabled person

Concerning "Denshin_8_go", visually disabled people also join our development group naturally; as constituent members of society, as a very matter of course we consider the accessibility by visually disabled people or by people whose eyesight are going with age.

And, this site (of Japanese version) has been tested with typical Japanese screen readers as:

Free softwareVoiceExploler+ProTALKER 97 (evaluation kit)+SAPI 3.0
IBMHome Page Reader+ProTALKER 97 2.0 (product version)
ALVA B.V./Fujitsu chubu S.outSPOKEN

(Japanese screen reader is also useful for foreigners who understand Japanese as phonetic language but could not read Kanji that is Chinese characters.)

When the background image of this site would work against outSPOKEN screen reader,
may we trouble you to set your web browser up not to display the background image ?

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